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Welcome to the Sterling Moon Divination Academy!


If you are looking for ongoing opportunities to learn divination and mediumship, grow your spiritual practice, and build community, you have come to the right place! The vision for the Sterling Moon Divination Academy (SMDA) is to help students and alumni to continue their magical education and build community. Much like a grove of aspen trees, we are strongest when we are connected at the roots!

The Divination Academy is comprised of three flagship programs: Building BlocksProphecy Posse, and Modern Mediums. Modern Mediums students/alumni are also able to attend my annual Beyond the Veil Mediumship and Paranormal Weekender, which is held in a different location during "spooky season" (i.e. sometime in September or October) They each have their own pages where you can learn more about them. All SMDA programs have an application process, offer small class sizes, and many opportunities to build lasting connections with fellow students. Students who complete SMDA programs can take advantage of some alumni benefits. I offer a few advanced classes by me and curate private workshops with some of the best magical practitioners around. These courses are affordable and exclusively for those who complete either of these two programs.

Alumni are welcome to join a private Instagram page and Discord server that is dedicated to sharing magical resources and building community. My dream is to eventually host in-person retreats periodically for past students, giving folks the opportunity to share their skills, build community, and to learn and grow together.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to learning with you!

Testimonials from Prophecy Posse & Modern Mediums Alumni

"Sterling is such a fantastic and experienced teacher, with a down to earth personality and awesome sense of humor. Modern mediums was such a fun experience and I definitely recommend learning from and connecting with her!"


"This class far exceeded my expectations and I would take it again in a second!"

"This was a great introduction to divination. If you are interested in going a little deeper into the spirit world, and want to do it in a respectful and intentional way, Sterling Moon is your guide!"

"Sterling creates an enriched space to learn and explore your own divination style and connections. The exchange of ideas in this safe community is comfortable and natural. I highly recommend the Prophecy Posse to those wanting to expand their knowledge of tarot and divination."

"This past three months was life changing! And not in the cute, comfortable we're all smiling together kind of way... in a real, raw, red-eyed, get shit done, learn shit that I'll remember for my whole life kind of way. Not to be sugar coated, I came in and left the space with intense card pulls and not knowing my hands from my feet at times... But Sterling had such a poignant yet gentle way of guiding me through my own shit towards where I'm trying to get on my path. This class, and the friends and memories I've made through it, are something I will cherish for all of my days. The literal magic of like-minded folk coming together with open minds and curious hearts.... SO much more than learning about tarot cards... I will miss it."

"Sterling has been my tarot reader for a long time. It was so lovely to learn from her as well as the other members in our class. This class is more than memorizing cards. It’s about standing in your power and using your gifts to divine in your own right."

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