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Tue, May 28


Via Zoom

Folk Magic Fundamentals: Spring/Summer 2024

Four classes over eight weeks to introduce you to the fundamentals of folk magic.

Folk Magic Fundamentals: Spring/Summer 2024
Folk Magic Fundamentals: Spring/Summer 2024

Time & Location

May 28, 2024, 6:30 PM – Jul 02, 2024, 8:30 PM

Via Zoom

About the event

Folk magic, which is also sometimes referred to as “low magic,” is rooted in practical magical remedies and rituals that are meant to help us live well. Folk Magic Fundamentals is intended to teach you methods for magical living that honors where you live, your own heritage, and the spirits that exist all around you.

In this four-class pilot session of Folk Magic Fundamentals, you will have the opportunity to learn about common folk magic practices for tending to the self, home, land, and community.

Classes will be 90 minutes with an optional 30-minute sharing circle afterwards and held every other week, virtually via Zoom. Classes will be recorded and replays will be available until August 2nd 2024. The sharing circles will not be recorded. Folk magic requires hands-on work, so you will be offered exercises on the break weeks so you can start making this work personal right from the start. Keep reading for specific class topics, dates, and times.

Folk Magic Fundamentals: Spring/Summer 2024 – Course Outline

Class #1: The Roots of Folk Magic

Tuesday, May 28th from 6:30PM – 8PM, optional sharing circle from 8PM – 8:30PM

In this baseline class, we will talk about similarities and important differences that can be found in folkloric practices found across the world. We will explore the spirit-focused nature of most folk magic traditions and the importance of connecting with one’s ancestors, who are commonly considered one’s first line of defense in all spiritual matters. Lastly, we will practice listening to the land we live on and methods for connecting with you own ancestry and heritage. 

* Please note that there will be suggestions for those who do not have a connection to their birth family.

In the break week between Classes #1 and #2, you will be offered exercises to help you connect with the magical and traditional practices of your cultures of origin and the needs and spirits of the land you currently live on.

Class #2: Folk Magic in the Home and Garden

Tuesday, June 11th from 6:30PM – 8PM, optional sharing circle from 8PM – 8:30PM

Spring and Summer are times to tend to the spirits of the plants and earth as well as purging our homes of stagnant energy that has built up during the winter months. It is also an opportunity to “harvest” sunshine and joy that can be used in the darker months of the year. In Class #2 we will talk about common folk traditions of the Spring and Summer months and practical ways to tend to your home and the land you live on. We will also touch on the folklore of house spirits and land spirits, which includes suggestions for connecting with the beings in your area, if you choose to do so. Even if you live in a high-rise apartment in the densest of cities, you can tend to the spirit of your home in tandem with nature.

In the break week between Classes #2 and #3, you will be offered exercises for refreshing the energy of your home, building connection with the spirits of your home and the land you live on, and options for harvesting the energetic bounty of summer for use later in the year.

Class #3: Casting Spells and Spiritual Hygiene

Tuesday, June 25th  from 6:30PM – 8PM, optional sharing circle from 8PM – 8:30PM

This class will break down options for casting spells, which includes: divination on the path to the best outcome, how to build a spell with simple items and words, collaboration with spirits in ones spellwork, and releasing your spell so you are left with empty hands. We will talk about considerations when casting spells for oneself and spells for others. We will also discuss the importance of spiritual hygiene, which ensures that all spiritual gunk that one encounters in their magical practice is regularly washed away.

In the break week between Classes #3 and #4, you will be offered suggestions for casting spells for yourself, for the benefit of others, and for different methods of spiritual cleansing.

Class #4: Folk Magic for Community

Tuesday, July 9th from 6:30PM – 8PM, optional sharing circle from 8PM – 8:30PM

In this final class, we will explore the ways we can work magic not only for ourselves, but also for our communities. Many folk traditions carry a history of resistance and resilience and we can work with an eye towards becoming ancestors our own descendants will be proud of. We will explore some inspiring historical stories and end our class by coming up with spells that can benefit the larger community, which you can put into action after class is complete!

About Folk Magic Fundamentals: The vision for Folk Magic Fundamentals is to offer several short, seasonal or themed, series of classes that are held throughout the year. The specifics of each class series will change and evolve, just as our practices do throughout the year.

About Sterling Moon: Sterling Moon is a heels-on-the-ground, fulltime spiritual worker who resides in Colorado. Her magical work is most influenced by her training in a lineage of Trolldom, which is an umbrella term for a form of folk magic with Scandinavian roots. Sterling’s magical work involves casting spells and addressing problems, often by working with spirits of the dead, the land, and occasionally those spirits found to be naughty or nefarious. She is also a diviner and seer who gravitates towards old-school fortune telling with the tarot.

Read some of Sterling's thoughts on Folk Magic and her personal practice. 


  • Sliding Scale, $111+

    Sale ends: May 25, 8:30 PM

    A sliding scale option for Folk Magic Fundamentals, staring at $111

    +Service fee
  • Folk Magic Fundamentals

    Sale ends: May 25, 8:30 PM

    Regular registration for Folk Magic Fundamentals: Spring/Summer 2024

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