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FAQs (& Answers!)

Why do people get Tarot readings?

People get readings for lots of reasons. It's common for people to get readings when they are going through periods of change or when they need a little bit of outside perspectives. My personal philosophy is that tarot can be a powerful tool for self-help and self-awareness because it can help us think about current issues in our lives in new ways. I do believe that there can be divination involved. My definition of divination is that we all get a little outside help sometimes. You may call it God, angels, guides, or something else. I believe that tarot can sometimes give the opportunity for these benevolent energies to give us a little tap on the shoulder and say, "Hey. Pay attention to this aspect of your life." 

Will what I talk to you about remain private?

I take the confidentiality of people that get readings from me very seriously. I abide by the following Code of Ethics that you can read here. The only times I will break confidentiality is if someone shares with me that they are planning to hurt themselves or other people or if something is disclosed that would trigger a mandatory report to law enforcement or social services under Colorado law, such as child abuse or abuse of an elder or at-risk adult. 

This stuff seems scary to me. Does this have to do with Satan?

A thousand times, NO! Tarot has nothing to do with Satan, devil worship, or any of the crap that you see in movies. If you are reading this because you are curious about tarot, but scared because of something you've heard, I encourage you to email me at and ask me any questions you have. I don't think anyone should do something that makes them genuinely uncomfortable, but I sometimes get these types of questions from folks whose healthy curiosity is being dampened by things they've heard or seen that just aren't true. It won't hurt my feelings in the least if you decide not to go forward with getting a reading or learning the tarot, but I'm happy to answer any questions - especially if I get to dispel some myths about the tarot in the process!

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