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2023 Modern Mediums
The application is Closed

Are you obsessed with things that go bump in the night?

Do you long to speak with those beyond the veil?

Are you eager to connect with others who share your interests?

If so, Modern Mediums is for you!

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Nuts & Bolts

  • The application for the 2023 cohort of Modern Mediums will open August 1, 2023. Submitting an application doesn't guarantee entrance into the class. The application will close on August 25th or when the program is filled, whichever comes first. Sterling will accept students into the program on a rolling basis.

  • Classes will be held via Zoom and will be recorded, with replays available until March 2024.  

  • Class size is limited to 30 students.

  • Regular registration is $888 and a payment plan will be available. Apply by August 5th and lock in the early registration rate of $675 (and some extra perks!) if you are accepted into the program. 

  • You will have the option of joining the private Sterling Moon Divination Academy (SMDA) Discord Server and Instagram page to connect with alumni from past programs. You will also receive complementary access to an alumni workshop with a guest instructor that will be offered Winter 2023. Exact date and time TBD. This class will likely not be recorded. 

Testimonials from Modern Mediums Alumni

"You want to be a Modern Medium. This experience has been the highlight of my autumn. I learned so much, and connected with many wonderful people. It's like summer camp (If you find that fun), from your own home, with spirits!"

"Sterling Moon is an amazing instructor and teacher. Her Modern Mediums program includes both classroom and hands on experiences. She cultivates a very welcoming and safe space to learn and practice your spirit communication skills. Sterling is extremely knowledgeable about spirits and spirit communication and she is excellent at presenting the knowledge in such a way that everyone can learn and benefit.


Before attending both Beyond the Veil and Modern Mediums with Sterling Moon, I still had a tiny bit of doubt about being able to contact spirits of the dead. What I experienced during the hands on Seances completely shattered any doubt I was still harboring. I am so very grateful to Sterling Moon for putting together a great group of people for this class. I will cherish these memories forever and the friendships that have been made."


"Sterling is such a fantastic and experienced teacher, with a down to earth personality and awesome sense of humor. Modern mediums was such a fun experience and I definitely recommend learning from and connecting with her!"

"This class far exceeded my expectations and I would take it again in a second!"

"This was a great introduction to divination. If you are interested in going a little deeper into the spirit world, and want to do it in a respectful and intentional way, Sterling Moon is your guide!"

Want to check out my teaching style? 

July 2023 is the 2nd Annual Month of Mediumship Challenge! I'm offering free, self-paced mediumship and spirit communication exercises to my email subscribers. The first one is publicly available on my YouTube channel. Sign up for my email list if you want to keep going!

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