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2nd Annual Month of Mediumship: Lesson #2 - Hauntings and History

Hello, everyone! Lesson #2 is a follow up to Lesson #1 in which I taught you how to scan photographs for the presence of spirits.

If you missed the first email, start with the video below, then keep reading*

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Ok, now that you're back...

Now it's time to tell you a bit about the places you psychically peered into. All of those locations are in Kentucky and all but one were taken on a ghost tour with Louisville Historic Tours. I recently took myself on a spooky trip to Louisville by way of the paranormal tourism company Strange Escapes. The crown jewel of the trip was the opportunity to investigate the famously haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium. It was an amazing experience. I dedicated an episode of my podcast, A Magical World with Sterling Moon to sharing my experiences and also had the opportunity to interview one of the guest speakers, Courtney Block, if you'd like to hear more.

Every place has many memories across many timelines, so it isn't always possible to get confirmation of the things you experience psychically or through mediumship. But when you do, it is simply *chef's kiss. There's a delicate balance to walk when practicing mediumship, spirit communication, or working with our psychic senses. On the one hand, we have to go into the experience with an open heart and open mind. However, we have to counterbalance that with practicality to make sure we are putting our belief in the right places. Researching history can be a powerful way to strike that balance, particularly when it comes to getting to the heart of spirit activity in a physical location. I always tell my students that if you care about hauntings, you've got to care about history.

Back to the photos in Kentucky. Spend a few minutes revisiting the impressions you got from the pictures, then read on for some background information. Don't stop there though. These are just some websites to get you started. Now, if you can't find information that confirms what you experienced, please don't sweat it. As I said before, we can't always get verification. It's just groovy when we do!

The Seelbach Hotel

The Seelbach Hotel was founded by two Bavarian brothers in 1869. It has a wild history complete with mob connections, Al Capone, and a Woman in Blue who is said to haunt the hotel. Here's a few websites to get you started on the Seelbach's reportedly haunted history..

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Waverly Hills Sanatorium was both a tuberculosis hospital and self-contained community. It is said to be one of the most haunted places in the United States. A dedicated group of volunteers have committed themselves to preserving both the incredible Gothic architecture, the history, and the paranormal legacy that exists within this massive campus...I personally am so excited to go back someday!

Get started learning about Waverly here:

"The Murder House"

*Content warning - mention of sexual violence, abuse, and homicide

This house was the darkest moment on the Louisville Ghost Tour. It has a violent history that is uncomfortably recent. The author of this article is the owner of Louisville Historical Tours - and almost bought the house himself. If you want to get deep into the weeds on this one, he wrote a book about it. Buckle in, this one is a wild ride!

The Pink Palace

This was one of my favorite places on the Louisville Ghost Tour because it was a good reminder that haunted spaces aren't always steeped in tragedy. This place has both a protective "crisis ghost" who is known for helping people before calamity strikes and a pretty amusing history. Read on, my friends...

Resources for further research

I encourage you to dig into the history of at least one of the locations in this exercise. I learned about two resources from Courtney Block, who I mentioned earlier, that you may find helpful. Courtney is a cool spooky librarian who told me about Hathi Trust, which is an incredible source of books, articles, and digital resources that we can access freely and openly, and Chronicling America, which has newspaper articles from 1770 - 1963. Poke around and have fun! Let me know in the comments if you can verify anything you experienced psychically!

That's it for now! I'll be back in a few days with a new lesson focused on different types of spirits and some tips for interaction, based on my experience and studies. Spoiler! Not everything is a spirit of the human dead!

Want to go deeper?

If you are ready to delve deep into the art of mediumship and spirit communication, Modern Mediums + Beyond the Veil are here to support you.

Check out the Waverly Hills episodes of

'A Magical World with Sterling Moon'

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