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How to Spiritually Cleanse Your Home

Scrub a dub, my friends! Let’s talk about cleaning! Before you groan and click away, hear me out. Regular spiritual cleansing of your home can brighten the energy in your space, protect against malintent from others, and calm down pesky ghosts. It sounds a lot harder than it is. Here are some simple tips from my own practices.

Step 1: Open your windows! If you want old stagnant energy or spirits causing trouble to leave, it’s got to have an exit point. If it’s cold outside, open windows room by room as you clean.

Step 2: Cleanse with smoke. Burn cleansing herbs like rosemary, vibration raising tree resins like frankincense, or incenses designed for purification, uncrossing, etc. I will always and forever recommend incense made by Loretta Ledesma at The Death Witch. Before you light it up, ask the item to work for you. Yes, I am literally telling you to talk to your incense or herbs. Ask it to wake up and be specific about what you want it to do. Bring the smoke to each room of your home, including closets, basements, and attics if you can reach them. As the smoke fills the air, envision how it pushes what is not welcome in your home right out the windows.

Step 3: Get sweeping, bb. Sweep your rooms back to front, top floor to bottom, if applicable. If possible, sweep right out the front door. If that is not available to you, just dump the dirt in the trash and take it out as soon as possible. As you sweep, you are once again focusing on how funky energy and negativity is pushed out of your home. If you live in a carpeted space, use that same focus with your vacuum. You may find it helpful to have a broom or besom that you use only for energetic sweeping. You literally sweep the air in your home without touching the floor, back to front and top to bottom.

Step 4: Time for a floorwash. The sky is the limit in how you can partner with plant spirits to create floorwashes that can fine tune the energy you want to bring into your home. Here’s something simple, to start.

Boil a pot of water, giving thanks for the ability to have clean water available to you. Ask it to be the carrier for the work you are embarking on.

Select herbs, fruits, or plants that correspond to what you want to usher into your life. If you want cooling, calming energy, perhaps you ask peppermint to work with you. If you want friendship and fun, orange peels might work best. If you want to bust out negativity from toxic folks who came through your door recently, cloves, lemon, or lime might be helpful. If you are wanting success and luck to come to your door, cinnamon might be a good option. You can also combine ingredients to get the desired effect. If the plant is dried, ask it to wake up and fulfill this purpose. Fresh plants are already awake, but your still need to ask them to work with you. If you are going to combine ingredients, ask them to work together. Make a strong tea in your boiling pot of water, then add a couple of cups to your mop bucket. Wash your floors, doors, windowsills, and commonly touched surfaces. Keep any leftover floorwash in the fridge. It usually keeps for about a week.

Step 5: After you are done, close any open windows and do something to raise the vibration in your home. You can play a song that brings you joy, burn incense, tree resin, or herbs that have some elements of sweetness and happiness to them, ring a bell throughout your home, and/or burn a candle dedicated to blessings for the home.

I recommend spiritual cleansing of the home at least once per month, but find what works for you. I trust you will notice the difference in how your home feels, which may inspire you to do this more regularly.

Keep your eyes peeled for future posts on home warding and protection, spiritual hygiene for yourself, and more! Enjoy your cleaning!

Sending you the best,

Sterling Moon