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In defense of ugly magic

I used to feel self-conscious because my spellwork isn’t pretty. In fact, some of the strongest work I’ve done is downright ugly. For example, if you come to my private office at Ritualcravt you might notice messy little bundles tucked in various places, including one that looks like a cross between a joint and a tiny piñata. If you pick it up you will likely feel a giggle bubble up in your chest or a particularly dirty joke may cross your mind. I made this little trollpase, which is a type of container magic from the lineage I work in, to refresh one’s sense of humor. You are welcome to pick this one up if you stop by for an appointment.

Less amusing is what might be found in the darker, dirtier corners of my home. One might experience a sense of foreboding from certain containers of cow manure in the garage or jars filled with viscous dark liquid.

While I don’t share active workings, but here’s a few examples from days long gone.

Here we have a spirit trap underneath a yogurt container, surrounded by barbs and held down by a brick from the site of a catastrophe. It was a highly effective until I was able to dispose of the nastiness underneath.

Another example of a spirit trap using humble pen and paper


This one is a simple but sweet love working with periwinkle, rain water, and sunshine on a Friday...ok, even I can admit that this one is a pretty one.


The seriousness of my magical practice coincided with the launch of my professional tarot work in 2013, which required a social media presence. It was hard to not be influenced by the beautiful altars and candle workings that graced my feed, especially back in the heyday of growing spiritual businesses on Instagram.  

Now, as I’ve been taught, it’s best not to show your work to the public, unless there is a good reason to. Looking at you, Saint Expedite. (HODIE!).

One benefit of working quietly is that you don’t have to worry about the optics.

In my experience, my most powerful workings have involved:

  • Chanting, rhyme, song, and rhythm

  • Drawing up and pushing out powerful emotions that align with my intended outcome

  • Working in tandem with nature and the elements

  • Working with humble materials that I have on hand and, when additional materials are needed, choosing them with discernment and care

We are living in a time where magical practitioners of all kinds are making it so easy for us. While I have books that I swear by and magical products made by practitioners I trust, I lean on the low magic way of spell casting, which emphasizes working with what you have.

I encourage all who are reading this to get out there and make some ugly magic today.

If this peaks your interest and you'd like to learn more, you’ll enjoy Class 3 on Casting Spells and Spiritual Hygiene in my upcoming class series, Folk Magic Fundamentals. The registration is open and the full class description and schedule is available on the registration page. Make sure you click “Read More” to see the full description. This class is for both beginners and experienced practitioners who are seeking a refresh to their practice. Click here for more about who Folk Magic Fundamentals is for. My last two blog posts have additional background if you are interested.

I look forward to seeing you in class. We start on May 28th and our last class is on July 9th.


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