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Month of Mediumship, Lesson #10: Now what?

Congratulations! As you near the end of this journey you you may be wondering, “What now?”

Cheekily, I must say that your very literal next step is to get signed up for the donation-based finale workshop on Paranormal Investigation & Folk Magic for the Modern Medium. We go live on Monday, August 15th at 6:30PM Mountain Time. There is a replay available, but you will still need to sign up, so get on over there, cuties.

More seriously, only you can decide where you go from here, but here are my parting thoughts. I'm wishing you well, mediums!

Remember that these lessons are available for free until September 26, 2022. After that time, they will be available as a package for $33.

If you find yourself interested in working with me more deeply on mediumship and spirit communication...

  • You can use the code MONTHOFMEDIUMSHIP to take 15% off a Spirit Contact Session with me. Valid through August 16th

  • You can apply for Beyond the Veil, my in-person mediumship and paranormal investigation weekend retreat in Victor, CO on September 30th - October 2nd. Everyone who attends Beyond the Veil gets free registration to my virtual 6-week mediumship program, Modern Mediums. Folks can also sign up for Modern Mediums on its own. Dates and syllabus will be announced in early September, but some basic course information can be found on my website.

  • You can order my book next year! My first book Talking to Spirits: A Modern Mediums Practical Advice for Spirit Communication is being published by Llewelyn Worldwide. It will be available in February 2023!

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