Month of Mediumship Starts 7/15

Mediumship has become a very important part of what I do and offer. I tend to teach this topic in longer term intensive courses or events. I also know these offerings are not always accessible to everyone. When ruminating on this with my business coach back in May, she suggested, "Why don't you do some kind of mediumship challenge?" It intrigued me and took me a solid month to figure out what that could look like and now I am ready to go!

If you choose to sign up, you'll receive emails from me twice a week for one month with mediumship exercises that I use in my personal practice. I would love to follow along with everyone, so I would encourage everyone who signs up to share about their experience on Instagram! You can tag me in your stories and we can call keep in touch using the hashtag #monthofmediumship

All the exercises will be housed here on my blog until the month is over. We will end our Month of Mediumship with a donation-based virtual class on August 16th from 6:30PM - 8:30PM Mountain Time. Exact topic is TBD as I would like to craft the class around common questions or interests of folks doing the challenge.

So...are you ready???

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