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This Is What You’ve Been Training For

A call to double down and level up on joy, longevity, and stability in your spiritual practices


“It’s not 2021 anymore.”

A friend and fellow small business owner said this to me the other day and her words have been rattling around my mind ever since, gaining meaning as the hours tick by.

I’ve been reflecting on the changes I’ve seen in the ways people are seeking – and in some cases, retreating from – living more spiritual lives. In the throes of 2020 and 2021, most people felt desperate for purpose, help, and solace and many turned to magical practices for the first time. When we first begin, especially in those strange and isolated, yet digitally connected times, our practice is often done surreptitiously. Spells worked or tarot cards pulled in quiet moments because we don’t want anyone to know that we’re fooling around with “that stuff.”

That can only last so long, in my humble opinion.

I am seeing a different kind of spiritual desperation in 2024. Cruelty and mass violence is playing out across the world. People are struggling financially and even those who are comfortable are cautious about the future. More concerning to me than understandable fear and anger, though, is when I start to see bitterness, cynicism, and hopelessness set in. For all of you who were focusing on your spiritual growth and development in the pandemic…this is the next level of what you were training for, my loves. It’s time to step it up and double down on living what you were learning.

One of the things that my own magical studies and practices have taught me is that magic is all around us. I’m not just talking in a cliché “nature is magical!” or “that bird is magical!” That’s all true, but I am talking about how the fabric of our families and communities are woven with folkloric and spiritual meaning. 

Magic is in the blessing my mom says at dinner, followed by the phrase, “Our family has been saying this for hundreds of years and no one has starved yet.” It’s in the May Day celebration your hometown has been holding for 150 years that can be traced back to the folkloric practices of the early immigrant communities. It’s in the Juneteenth celebrations and powwows that bring joy, resiliency, and reminders of all that is yet to be made right in our world.

Have you noticed the thread in all of those examples?

Each of them requires being in community. Many of you who started your spiritual practices during peak social distancing times didn’t have being in community as an option. Now we do and honestly, our interconnectedness may just be our saving grace. However, this isn’t just about showing up for community events. This is about putting your magical practices to use by laying work down in the community. While that may call to mind heavy- handed, 2018 stye “hex-the-powers-that-be” magic, that’s not what I’m talking about…although there is always a place for those types of justice workings ;)

Think about what makes a community truly thrive...

  • Joy

  • Purpose

  • Being-well resourced

  • Interconnectedness

If a community had all of this, a lot of the bad stuff would fall away, right?

Now, imagine what it would feel like if your immediate community had more of these qualities.

Think about what it might feel like to lay down some magical work to support this in your neighborhood.

What if you charmed a section of sidewalk so everyone who stepped on it remembered something that brings them joy? What if crossing a certain intersection granted a person good luck for a week? What if you spoke a spell designed to elevate the moods of everyone who passed through the doors of your local grocery store? What if you laid work for healing in a part of town that is known for its problems?

Likely that feels a little bit intimidating. I’ll admit that it does feel weird to lay work in public, but after a while you quit caring as much. But doesn’t it also sound fantastic? Not every spell is a banger, but I wonder what the world might look like if more of us started working in the community in this way. I also believe, down to the tips of my toes, that the more we work magically in our communities, the more we will show up and participate in the mundane ways, too. Helping out at our kids’ schools, running errands for our neighbor who is ill, picking up trash at the local park…it all matters.

I am going to end with a final pitch for something I am offering that weaves all of these things together – your girl does this work fulltime, y’all – but regardless of whether or not you choose to work with me…please don’t give up on your spiritual practices.

Work a little candle spell, brew up and use a floorwash next time you clean your home, say a prayer for someone into the sunset. Once again, this is what you were training for. May your magic bring you abundant blessings through all that is yet to come.

If this peaks your interest and you'd like to learn more, you’ll likely enjoy my upcoming class series, Folk Magic Fundamentals. Registration closes on May 25th and class starts on May 28th. Folk Magic Fundamentals is held virtually, with every-other-week classes and plenty of suggestions for deepening your practice in the off weeks. It's no problem if you can't make the live sessions. Classes will be recorded and replays will be available for one month after our last class.

The registration is open and the full class description and schedule is available on the registration page. Make sure you click “Read More” to see the full description. This class is for both beginners and experienced practitioners who are seeking a refresh to their practice. Click here for more about who Folk Magic Fundamentals is for. My last three blog posts have additional background if you are interested.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Folk Magic Fundamentals: Spring Summer 2024 with Sterling Moon


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