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Charmed Darling - "Christmas Patsy"

Charmed Darling - "Christmas Patsy"


"Christmas Patsy" is a doll made by the company Effanbee, which has been making dolls since 1910. Patsy, who seems to like her name, but will likely be open to changing it, was made in 1997 and is constructed of vinyl. She will be best suited to tasks that suit her sweet and rather shy nature.


Please select whether you would like her to be attuned to:

  • Helping the space she is in to feel peaceful and filled with grace


  • To bring luck to the home


  • To help those who come in contact with her to be kinder and more patient


Two options are before you:

  • Choose from the menu below the quality you want your darling to possess and the name of the person they will live with. I will take it from there, working your Darling as a magical object. They will be delivered to your doorstep with instructions on how to build the relationship from there.


  • Charm your own Darling. Choose, from the menu below, the quality you want your darling to possess. You will receive additional materials and instructions on how to take things from there.


    Please note that all Charmed Darlings will be magically fixed to ensure they cannot be used for malevolent intent and, if mistreated or neglected, their spirits will go dormant.


    Due to the custom nature of the Charmed Darlings, they require 7 days of processing time prior to shipping. Please be aware that they will not ship immediately.


    Additional Details:

    Patsy is approximately 12" tall and made of vinyl. Her cute little faux fur coat is lined in the same fabric as her dress and she is wearing white ice skates. Patsy will come with her original box and a doll stand. Please note that all Effanbee dolls are held together with elastic cords that string the limbs and head together. If her limbs ever get loose, there are many tutorial online of how to do a repair. 


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    • Processing and Shipping Time

      Due to their custom nature, Charmed Darlings require 7 days processing time prior to shipping. Shipping takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please be aware of this prior to placing your order. We are not Amazon and need a bit more time to get your order in your hands.

    • What is a Charmed Darling?

      Charmed Darlings: A Magical Experiment

      Charmed Darlings are discarded or neglected toys and knick-knacks that are given a second chance through magic. They are intended to turn the concept of the haunted doll on its head.

      Charmed Darlings are created with the premise that any object can be worked with as a magical charm to change the atmosphere of a room, affect those around them, or call in resources like luck, patience, etc. They allow us to experiment with the idea that, If the charm is treated as an autonomous being that inherently possesses those traits, can we even create what is, essentially, a haunted doll or object? But in a cute way?

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