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Tarot Reader (Est. 1995)

Medium + Folk Magician

Educator on the mystical & strange

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Prophecy Posse: Class of 2024

Early Registration Opens on March 1st


Are you called to the tarot as a channel to the divine?

Are you a tarot reader struggling to let the divination flow through you?

Do you want to break free from your reliance on divination tools and learn to divine with anything?


Are you lonely on your magical path and ready to connect with other spiritually minded folks?

Prophecy Posse is here to support you

Interested in working with me?

Here's what my clients and students have to say...

"Sterling impacted my life by helping me to ground, not give up...She allowed me to feel vulnerable and pissed, but not wallow. She is real in a world where that is hard to come by."

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