Allow me to introduce myself...


Hi! I'm Sterling Moon 

Magic, divination, and connection with the spirit world changed my life. I am passionate about helping other people find similar inspiration and guidance using techniques like tarot, communication with spirits, and old timey folk magic.

I've had the ability to connect with spirits of the dead and the natural world since childhood. I began officially practicing mediumship in 2016 and was largely self taught until I discovered the Scandinavian folk magic tradition of Trolldom. I was blessed with the opportunity to apprentice with Johannes Björn Gårdbäck, an internationally respected healer, teacher and practitioner of Swedish folk-magic. Blending mediumship with folk magic is one of my specialties. I am also a big fan of paranormal investigation, which has been a longtime hobby of my family. We love visiting haunted spaces! My mediumship and spirit communication style is a unique blend of classic mediumship techniques, folk magic, and paranormal investigation strategies. I am so passionate about this that I wrote a book! It will be published by Llewelyn in early 2023. 


I began offering professional spellwork, cleansings, and blessings for people and their homes in 2020. My techniques are heavily influenced by my studies and practice of trolldom, the folk traditions of my northern and eastern European ancestors, and the magical practices that evolved in the United States. I strive to practice all with honor for the beauty, struggle, and survivorship of the ancestors and elders whose shoulders I stand on. 

In the midst of all of this, I also had a 20 year career as a professional advocate for victims and survivors of crime. I have a Masters Degree in Advocacy and Political Leadership from the University of Minnesota Duluth and had the honor of supporting many people in the aftermath of violence at nonprofits in Wyoming, Minnesota, and Colorado. I provided professional training and prevention education on intimate partner violence, abuse, and gender-based violence for years. I later went on to focus on changing institutional responses to victims and survivors of crime. I spent the latter half of my career advocating for survivors through legislative advocacy. Activism and making the world better are incredibly important to me. Throughout history, magical practices and social justice have been closely intertwined. While I made the move towards full-time magical work in 2022, my work as an advocate is a lifelong calling.