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Introducing...My first published book!


I am so proud to announce the release of my first book, Talking to Spirits: A Modern Medium's Practical Advice for Spirit Communication, published by Llewelyn Worldwide.  

From the Publisher:

"Through step-by-step guidance and fascinating stories from her decades of experience, Sterling Moon teaches you how to develop your own spirit communication practice. She shows that everyone can connect with spirits—you, too, can enrich your life, find peace, and make the world more fun and interesting through mediumship.

Talking to Spirits presents a comprehensive overview of spirit communication as well as techniques for managing haunted people, places, and objects. Learn to identify and connect with different types of spirits, including ancestors, deities, and elementals. Explore journal prompts for every chapter and communication tools such as scrying mirrors and ghost boxes. From ethical considerations to protection against negative entities, this book covers everything you need to build a safe and successful practice."

Where to order

Set to ship on February 8, 2023! Here is where you can can currently pre-order the book. I will be adding independent retailers as soon as I can! 

Early Praise for Talking to Spirits

"While mediumship might seem intimidating for the uninitiated, Talking to Spirits teaches you this valuable spiritual skill in a totally approachable way. In her book, author Sterling Moon makes it easy to get to know the spirits and identify the ways they reach out to those of us in the physical realm. With thorough explanations and effective exercises, she shares a treasure trove of her own personal techniques that are certain to bring you positive mediumship experiences and help you gain important guidance, knowledge, and spiritual expansion from those in the other worlds. If you feel drawn to working in the spirit realm, you will come back to this book again and again for tips, tricks, and deep wisdom."


Madame Pamita, author of Baba Yaga's Book of Witchcraft, The Book of Candle Magic, and Madame Pamita's Magical Tarot

"Not many books have spoken directly and clearly about the art of spirit communication in a digestible and informative way until now. Talking to Spirits ticks all the boxes for me. With each chapter, the very knowledgable Sterling Moon gently guides you. She is not only a formidable tarot reader, but also a very attuned medium and educator of the magical arts. I look forward to sharing this book as a resource with my clients and others seeking to expand their own psyches."


—Marcella Kroll, creator of The Sacred Symbols Oracle, The Nature Nurture Oracle, The Dreamers Tarot, and The Roast Iconic Oracle

"Sterling Moon’s Talking To Spirits is a rare achievement. A
comprehensive manual on mediumship, it’s packed with a wealth of
information for conversing with the dead. Even the smallest details are covered, starting with basic tenets of spirit communication before advancing into the murky world beyond the veil. There are several metaphysical safety tips and troubleshooting methods included for encounters with unsavory entities like disincarnate spirits and demons. Her personal experiences as a psychic medium have made her highly knowledgeable and her research is impeccable. Plus, it’s written in such a genial, conversational tone, the reader will feel like Ms. Moon is their own personal Tour Guide To The Other Side. I highly recommend this incredible book."

Pleasant Gehman, author of Rock‘n’Roll Witch (Punk Hostage Press, May, 2022)

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