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A needy colleague, a magic umbrella, and discovery of my soul's External Relations Department

I want to tell you a story. It begins with a work colleague with needs beyond what I could support and ends with discovery of a technique that deepened my capacity to navigate life. If this story intrigues you, you might be interested in a party I’m hosting in February. More on that at the end.

Many years ago, I had a work colleague who was going through a difficult period in their life. As I am a person that folks tend to gravitate towards when life gets hard, this person would frequently show up at my office unannounced in search of support. These began to turn into long, looping conversations and I started to notice that this individual was not particularly proactive about addressing the roots of what was vexing them. I also noticed that these interactions left me mentally and physically drained of my energy.

One day, as I began to feel helpless and exhausted from one of these interactions, I envisioned an invisible, magic umbrella in my hands under my desk. I opened the umbrella towards this person like a shield. I imagined that this person’s energy, which seemed to unconsciously feed on others in a psychically vampiric fashion, met instead with this hard protective surface. I took it a step farther and imagined that their energy bounced off the surface right back to them in the form of pure light, so they would be nourished by their own energy. For awhile, it worked like a charm. They seemed to feel better and I felt better. Everyone wins, right?  Unfortunately, not.

Mundane steps to limit my interactions with them and my magic umbrella only went so far, so I decided to create a mind room to address the situation.

Mind rooms are mental spaces we can create to connect with parts of our own soul, deities, and even other people, both living and dead.

I’d been working with many of my soul’s parts in mind rooms – my most resourceful self, my most patient self, the part of me that is the most powerful magical practitioner, to name a few – but I also knew that there was a part of me that was aware of people, things, and events that were headed my way. This was the part of me that knew when my mom was going to call, that my best friend had good news to tell me…and that this individual was going to be headed for my office unannounced. So, I decided to create a mind room where I could meet the part of my soul that knew when things were coming my way.

This process was nothing short of life-changing. I began to connect to what has turned into a whole system of support that I fondly call my "External Relations Department." It deepened my capacity to handle this situation and so much more. Working with this part of my soul also seemed to correlate with this individual suddenly having reasons they couldn’t make it to see me as frequently, getting an important text or phone call right when they popped up in my door…and eventually getting a work opportunity that took their career in a different direction. Can I prove that this is linked? Of course not. I can say, however, that the longer I work with my soul's parts, the more my life continues to improve, as does the caliber of people I share my energy with.

I am going to be teaching this technique and more in a program unlike anything else I have offered. It’s called “Your Soul’s Party.” I will be your party host for 6 weeks as we work with different visualization-based meditations designed to connect you with your soul’s parts and assist you in creating your own internal altar.

The waitlist is currently open. Folks on that list will receive the link to register on January 15th and registration opens to the public on January 20th.  The party starts on February 8th and will be held virtually every Thursday from 6:30PM – 8PM US Mountain Time through March 14th. Each week we will work with a different visualization-based meditation and journaling prompts. We’ll follow each session with a 30-minute “afterparty” where folks can stick around to talk about what they’ve experienced. Trust me when I say our brains can dish up some very delightful and strange stuff and it can be very fun to talk about with folks who are right there with you! You will receive recordings of all the meditations we work with. They will be yours to keep so you can keep the party going for years to come.


Sound like your kind of party? Get on the waitlist here.

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