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You're Cordially Invited To 

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Beyond our forward-facing personas, we each contain a vast universe.

We have the part of us that tends to our loved ones. The part that is a boss. The parts that are a lover, a fighter, and a vulnerable child.


What if you had a way to get to know, nurture, and strengthen your soul’s parts?

What would it feel like to tend to the most powerful parts of who you are?


I invite you to join me for Your Soul’s Party, a 6-week exploration and celebration of your soul and

cultivation of your inner altar.


Each week, we’ll spend 90 minutes with a different visualization-based meditation that is designed to help you connect and tend to parts of your own soul and cultivate your own internal altar. Each session will be followed by a 30 minute “afterparty” where folks can hang out to journal or unpack their experience with others.

Worried you can't make every session live? Don't stress. The meditation portion of each session will be recorded and will be yours to keep so you can keep the party going for years to come. Each class will also be recorded, with replays available until May 1, 2024. The afterparties will not be recorded, to maintain the privacy of those who choose to share. 

An early registration price of $222 is available until January 25th (full price is $265) and there are even 5 sliding scale tickets that start at $120 for folks who need that option. Checkout options include Afterpay and PayPal, which offers Pay in 4 for most folks. 

What we'll cover in Your Soul's Party


This program is based in visualization-based meditation.

Please ensure that you have a quiet and ideally, private space for your practice. You will be expected to be undistracted for our time together. Please also have a journal and something to write with. 

All sessions of Your Soul's Party will be held via Zoom on Thursday evenings from February 8th - March 14th from 6:30PM - 8PM Mountain Time with a 30 minute Afterparty from 8PM - 8:30PM Mountain Time.


Classes will be recorded and replays will be available until May 1, 2024. Afterparties will not be recorded. Meditation recordings will be sent out within one week of each session and will be yours to keep. All information shared in Your Soul's Party is for your eyes and ears only, bbs. This is for your personal use only. 


Week #1: Get this party started: Introduction to soul parts and creation of your internal altar 

We'll start by exploring the concepts of soul parts and the inner altar then get to work discovering your inner realm. 

  • Thursday, February 8th: 6:30PM - 8PM Mountain Time + Afterparty - 8-8:30PM


Week #2: Stoke the inner hearth -  Tending to your subconscious and your most resourceful self

We often talk about the subconscious, but have you ever tried to meet them? We'll explore midroom meditations designed to help us meet our subconscious and our most resourceful selves. 

  • Thursday, February 15th: 6:30PM - 8PM Mountain Time + Afterparty - 8-8:30PM


Week #3: Party poopers - Tending to difficult aspects of ourselves

We all have our bad days and we frequently take it out on others and ourselves. What if there was another way? We'll work with a meditation that is designed to give your more difficult, grumpy, or overtaxed soul parts what they need to feel better. 

  • Thursday, February 22nd: 6:30PM - 8PM Mountain Time + Afterparty - 8-8:30PM


Week #4: Homecoming - Calling home fractured soul parts 

Have you ever felt like you left a part of yourself behind somewhere? This gentle practice will explore recognizing and calling home lost or fractured soul parts.  

  • Thursday, February 29th: 6:30PM - 8PM Mountain Time + Afterparty - 8-8:30PM


Week #5: Closing time - Recognizing and sending home the soul parts of others

Sometimes the lost and fractured soul parts of others affect us in unhelpful ways. This meditation will guide you through options for recognizing and releasing the influences of others. 

  • Thursday, March 7th: 6:30PM - 8PM Mountain Time + Afterparty - 8-8:30PM


Week #6: Expanding your inner realm - Tending to your soul's pyschic protectors

What would it be like to have an "External Relations Department" for your soul? Our final meditation will explore the concept that we have soul parts who can detect things our conscious mind cannot. We will end the party by crafting an inner space where those inner protectors and defenders can do their work in the background. 

  • Thursday, March 14th: 6:30PM - 8PM Mountain Time + Afterparty - 8-8:30PM

Ready for Your Soul's Party?

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