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2nd Annual Month of Mediumship, Lesson #6: Haunted Spaces

Hello friends! I sure hope that your practice is going well. I have had a couple of you reach out to me privately to share your experiences and I have been delighted to know that the exercises are yielding interesting results! By this point, you have had some time to practicing discernment, getting to neutral, grounding, releasing, cleansing, and observing spirits in the world. Today we are going to start talking about haunted spaces.

I imagine that quite a few of you have lived or worked somewhere with spirit activity. This can range from classic haunted house phenomenon such as strange noises, apparitions, disembodied voices, smells that are not connected with anything in the physical space, and objects that are knocked over or moved from one place to another. This can affect some of us deeply, while others are able to take it in stride. As I have said previously, we can never be completely sure who or what we are dealing with when we encounter situations like this. I know that sounds ominous and we need to always be mindful that something that seems friendly or benign could be nasty or sinister. However, the opposite can also be true. Sometimes activity that seems scary might also just be a spirit that is trying to get your attention or just doing their thing and living their best-afterlife.

I have found that many people jump straight to "clearing" when they realize they are experiencing spirit activity in a space. In my opinion, running around with a bundle of white sage, some crystals, and a bottle of holy water declaring that all spirits must leave generally isn't going to result in anything productive. More likely than not, you will aggravate whatever is there and escalate the situation. Think of it this way...if a spirit has frequented a space for 200 years or you have an earth spirit that has existed on the land since the beginning of time, it's a bit arrogant to think that you could evict them with ease.

The following is what I advise you start with instead.

Determine what you want to change - You deserve to feel safe in your home and other locations you frequent. Period. Start by listing out what you are experiencing, how it makes you feel, and what you want to change. For example, if you have one room of your home where it feels like someone is watching you and coming up close behind you and it leaves you feeling scared and threatened, you likely want whoever is there to leave when you enter the room or simply give you space.

Start with stating your ground rules out loud - You can simply firmly say out loud what you want. You feel something hovering over you in the night? Try sitting up and saying in a firm voice, "Leave me alone. You are not allowed in here while I sleep." Sound overly simplistic? Don't knock it until you try it. I can't tell you how many people have written me about hauntings that have gone on for extended periods of time and, once they state out loud what is and is not ok, the activity stops or becomes, at the very least, tenable.

If you'd like to approach the situation with additional diplomacy, set a glass of water, a candle, and a small snack and drink in the heart of your space or the place that the activity is centered. Discern how you are feeling, get to neutral, and ground and protect. Then simply address the spirits in your space. Introduce yourself and ask them to join you. Tell them the refreshments have been set out for their enjoyment. Be firm and polite as you explain what you need. End by asking

if there is anything that they need from you. For example, "My name is Sterling and I am speaking to the spirit that I feel in the laundry room. I have set out some cookies and coffee for you. I will leave them overnight so you have time to enjoy them. I do not mind that you live here, but I do not like it when you come up close behind me. Please leave the room when I come in or just give me some space. Is there anything that you need from me? Please make a noise if there is something that you hope I can help you with." Observe what happens. There may be nothing. I have found that spirits seem to be a bit taken aback when someone first addresses them directly. If you get a response, you can ask follow up questions and see what you get back. If you are struggling to identify what they need help with, tell them that you are struggling to understand what they need, but that you acknowledge them. When you are done, thank the spirit. Release and cleanse as we have practiced. If you can, let the candle burn down completely (only if you can be present the whole time, safety first!) and leave the refreshments overnight. Leave them outside under a tree or shrub the next day.

Please keep in mind that once you start talking to spirits in your space, they will likely "talk" back in some fashion. It is not uncommon for things to ramp up a bit once you engage.

Give it some time - See what happens over the next month. This simple process can often shift the whole energy of your space. If the activity persists or ramps up, consider speaking with a reputable medium or spiritual worker. Obviously, you can reach out to me and if I am not the right fit, I have colleagues that I trust that I can refer you to. You can also look into paranormal investigators in your area, who generally take on cases pro bono. However, make sure to ask about their approach. Their emphasis may be more on the gathering of evidence and it's important that your desired outcome is match with their goals.

Folks, we're almost at the end of our lessons! I have one final self-paced lesson to share and I have a fun live class on Modern Mediumship Methods + Practice scheduled for August 8th from 6:30PM - 8PM Mountain Time via the platform Crowdcast. It's sliding scale ranging from $5 - $30. I'll share some of my favorite visualizations for psychic development and we'll practice reading photos and videos live in class! The exercises we'll do in class are always a hit with my students, so I hope you can join me for what is sure to be a fun class!

If you find yourself interested in working with me more deeply on mediumship and spirit communication...apply for Modern Mediums + Beyond the Veil! The application opens August 1st - and I've decided to extend the early bird registration rates until 8/5. Both programs are halfway filled, so get your applications in early if this calls to you!

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